This venue is really great to host a wedding. We had an amazing experience working Tony. Tony, the event coordinator, really knows what he is doing. We do not live in California and he was more than helpful for us to plan our wedding. He is friendly, creative and has lots of tips and ideas for you to help run your event. He knows a lot about decorations and different ways you can do things. Very important, he is there during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly. Also, this venue does not nickel and dime you or take advantage of you. He is willing to work with you to make sure you get what you want.

Our wedding had around 150 people and there was plenty of space for everyone to dance. The venue comes with a security guard that will walk you to your car at the end of the night.

Your guests will love the appetizer situation. Instead of coming out with small trays with 10 appetizers and going back and forth they come out with a giant tray with over 50. The food was really good. We had a rack of lamb and a Grilled Sole as our options. There are a lot of food options to choose from and their chef is very good.

David P.

Finding a venue for a 50th High School Reunion isn’t easy. Most places want some type of guarantee as to number of guests, etc. BUT, then the reunion committee found the Peninsula Italian American Social Club and its manager, Tony.

What a pleasure to do business with someone who is more than willing to accommodate an event with no guarantee up front of the number of guests. The committee had a number in mind and Tony was more than willing to work with that.

As the date drew closer, we knew we met our goal and made final arrangements with Tony.
On the day of the event, we got there early to let him know of any special arrangements we needed. His crew was setting up the tables and we noticed the napkins weren’t the right “orange”. He didn’t have the bright orange we needed, so offered to change to white, which was good. What a surprise, when we got to the event and saw those bright orange napkins on the table. He went out and got the right color napkins to match the school colors. THAT is service above and beyond!!!!

The food is pretty typical banquet food, but was very tasty and there was more than enough for the party. (I hate when you are afraid to take extra because it doesn’t look like they made enough).
His staff was friendly and very efficient. The club has a nice outdoor patio area which was perfect for the photographer to get pictures of the guests.

Parking is a little bit of an issue as it’s located in a neighborhood, but no one who attended the reunion complained. In fact, they want to know if there will be a 55th reunion.
Going to let the high school know of this venue for future reunions…. Thank you, Tony, for helping make this reunion a success!!!

Max M. –

This review is looooooonnnnggggg overdue. We got married here back in 2014 and have to say we owe a lot to Tony and the team here. The venue turned out better than we hoped and he went through hoops to make sure we had our dream wedding. He understood what we were going for, worked with the different vendors and just did an overall amazing job. We will definitely be telling our friends and family and hold additional venues in the future.

Ryan B. –

Just hosted my 60th birthday party here last night and it was an absolute blast! Tony is so easy to work with and made everything happen just as I requested. His staff was friendly and helpful and the venue worked so well for our gang with dinner outside, bocce and dancing inside. I’d definitely have another event here…the food is tasty and generous in portion and the price is very reasonable. Thanks, Tony!

Denise B. –

I have no idea where to begin so I apologize in advance in case I’m everywhere when writing this review. I just used this venue for our wedding reception in August. However, first off let’s talk about the venue! Breathtaking! It’s elegant spacious and perfect for any type of occasion. The staff decorates beautifully and is dedicated to making things perfect for your special day! The FOOD! Omg the food in house (chefs) are amazing! I definitely recommend anyone who is planning on hosting an event here to go with the package that includes the food there, you will not regret it! I’m sure there is so much more to write about but I finally want to focus on what made our special day so special… Tony! Tony! Tony! there is nothing more fascinating then when someone is helping towards making our day so perfect! We are forever grateful! Since the beginning he made my whole wedding experience easy and cut down the stress. He offered us a package and worked with us without giving us that feeling of pressuring us to doing things just to do them. He was very honest from the start offered great ideas and opinions to help make our day run smooth. As for the wedding day …. All my respect to this man! Tony was everywhere! Great compliments from all my guest on how he was so attentive and kept the whole staff organized! I truly recommend this place for anyone’s event!

Patricia A. –

My husband and I had our wedding reception here back in August.
Everything about this place is amazing. Reception space is spacious and very elegant. Bar is located inside the main reception space which was great as our guest stayed together and didn’t miss out on any aspect of the party. The venue also has five gorgeous chandeliers, which we hung drapery on. No major decoration needed. We were allowed to come by the day before to drop things off and help staff set-up. Staff was great. Super friendly and definitely catered to not only our needs but our guest needs as well. The manager Tony is amazing, everyone loved him. He was on top of our needs and made sure that the day went smoothly. He offered suggestion and recommendations throughout the entire process cutting down on the stress level as well as keeping me on track of when to get things done. Great communication via e-mail, telephone, and in person. Food was also fabulous. To this day people still talk about the appetizers and dinner entrees. I would definitely recommend this place.

Celia L. –

Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Yes, the exterior of building may not be the most beautiful but once you walk inside you’ll say exactly what I said “whoa, it’s so nice in here”! Tall ceilings with beautiful chandeliers, awesome up lighting effects that transforms the whole room into a beautiful ball room. You would think you were in a fancy hotel ball room or something. Service was great. Tony, the manager is a great guy to work with (I bbq’d for the rehearsal dinner the night before on their back patio). He has a great attitude, fun demeanor and is on top of his staff. I want to say there were at least 200 people there and there was plenty of room for everyone to mingle and for the kids to dance.

Minus one star for the lack of parking other than that, the bar tenders were friendly and poured stiff drinks, the rest rooms were clean and the wait staff was professional. Over all great experience here.

Henry S. –

I chaired our yearly Auction for Little Wonders Preschool in San Mateo at the PIASC a couple weeks ago. We worked with Tony (club manager) on this event for about 6 months prior to our scheduled event. He was an absolute joy to work with! He was extremely accommodating and made all aspects of this event seamless from start to finish. Not only is he dedicated to making your event successful he is also a great guy and so fun to work with! You would never know that he was planning other events for the club because he makes you feel like your event is the most important! He is one hard working guy! The food was delicious and he invited myself and co-chair to the club beforehand for full sit down meals to taste menu options. We had some gluten free guests at our event so he ensured that they had a gluten free pasta option. His staff was there by 9am the day of the event setting up tables and there to help with anything myself and team needed throughout the day and evening. If you are looking for a welcoming and beautiful venue for your event pick the Peninsula Italian American Social Club! You won’t be sorry!

Jennifer V.—

50 years ago, my parents had their reception at this hall and we just celebrated their 50th anniversary here. Tony is amazing to work with! He is organized and made a huge effort to help two of my guests that have bad food allergies. We had a group of about 50 people and the hall can hold 300+ so i had my concerns about us looking like a very small group in a very large hall. Tony organized the tables so well that we used half the hall and had a dance floor, a DJ platform and it was still an intimate setting for our smaller group. The food, when purchased from the hall, is ALWAYS amazing! They serve food to Italian clubs and they are very selective when it comes to what is good and what isn’t. Their food is amazing, i am never disappointed. He gave me a recommendation of a DJ and the DJ was awesome. He created a play list of 50, 60 and 70s music for my parents and even put in a bunch of classic Italian songs that they love! He had the table linens and chairs very well decorated. The room looked beautiful. He was very easy to work with! The place is great and the price is amazingly reasonable! I plan on going back for more functions.

Audra D. –

We had our wedding here and were amazed with the service and how beautiful it turned out. The food was really good and had a lot of compliments. The filet mignon and the pasta with pesto were my favorite and a big hit. The place is not the prettiest on the outside but once you walk in you’ll be amazed. Tony went out of his way to accommodate us in every way and will work with you. We had about 150 by the end of the night and could easily accommodate double that amount. Angie was our photographer and was excellent. Tony and Angie make a great team. I would definitely recommend the PIASC. We will have future events there.

Fred & Molly –

I had my wedding reception here. The hall was beautiful- the staff was very helpful and friendly; the atmosphere was warm with an old-fashioned elegance. What a relief for my husband and I who checked out clubs and other places for our reception and were met by snobby directors who cared more about the $100 per person charge or squeezing your reception into a 4-hour time slot than giving you the beautiful day you deserve. We had the hall all day, all night, and had a beautiful and wonderful time. The food and drinks were plentiful and delicious—all of our guests were happy and had a great time. Thank you, Tony, and everyone at the PIASC. We will never forget it!

Kim H. –