Established in 1940

The Peninsula Italian American Social Club of San Mateo can proudly trace its origin directly to the 1930s. It was either 1933 or 1934 when a group of Italian American residents of San Mateo, under the leadership of Frank Lodato, joined together to form a social club for members of the Italian American community known as the New Deal Italian-American Federation of San Mateo California. The selection of the name was influenced by the newly inaugurated national social program known as the New Deal.

The first president of the club was Frank Lodato, a prominent Italian American resident of San Mateo.

Among the founding members were Guido Sbragia, Mike Berta, Silvio Iannaconi, Mario Cascinai, George Cascinai, A. Vespa, Pete Garelli, S. Cilia, Frank DeMartini, Joseph Ziccone, Charles Todaro, Frank Bergano, Frank Perry, Joseph Basso, Victor Turchett, Santo Colombo, Louis Pisoni and Louie Moriconi.

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